Integrating STEM Education in History Learning: Does it can Enhance Historical Thinking Skill?

Rinaldo Adi Pratama, Inne Marthyane Pratiwi, Muhammad Adi Saputra, Sumargono Sumargono


The twenty-first century needs pupils with learning ability and necessary skills, particularly critical thinking skills instead of content focused. The study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education approach can lead teachers to a new teaching approach in history learning. Through this approach, the teachers can create a new way of teaching history integrated with STEM. This study uses a qualitative approach. Data collection in this research using pupil’s work samples, interview, and the teacher journal. This study was conducted in two Senior High School and two Vocational High School in the urban area. The findings showed that the teachers incorporated one of the historical thinking skills and understanding history. The skills are still in the lower level of historical thinking skills. For historical teaching skills to be successfully incorporated in teaching history in the classroom, teachers need to be educated and trained so that the pupil's historical thinking skills can be enhanced through the integrated history teaching with the STEM approach.


History; Historical Thinking Skill; STEM Approach; Learning



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