Reflections on Higher Education Institutions Responses Intra-Period Covid-19: A Road Towards a New Normal in Arab Universities

Asmaa Abusamra


While the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact, the new normal era becomes the latest universal issue to be discussed. This paper aims to give reflections on the adopted practices in Arab higher education institutions in response to COVID-19 disruption. It also aims to utilize the success indicators and challenges encountering these universities in a way to propose recommendations to shape the new normal era forward. In this study, a desktop analysis, leveraging Arab universities websites and governments’ sources, was conducted wherein systematic literature, policy documents, as well as related models targeting COVID-19 and higher education were reviewed. This study is a qualitative reflection based upon intellectual prospective denoting the need to raise awareness of the pedagogical and financial potentials for higher education in Arab countries.


New normal; COVID-19; tertiary institutions; virtual educational; online education; pandemic; blended learning; Arab


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