Undiscovered voices: Motivation and demotivation factors in learning English among Indonesian orphan students

Zidni Ma’ruf, Bambang Widi Pratolo, Okta Widia Sari, Arlischa Ardinengtyas


Both motivation and demotivation are important factors to identify whether one will succeed or not in English language learning. Therefore, many studies have been conducted in the area in order to increase certain aspects of motivation and decrease another aspect categorized as demotivation. However, none were conducted in the orphanage context. Therefore, this qualitative descriptive research aims to investigate factors of motivation and demotivation in learning English among Indonesian orphan students. Eight participants who live and study in an Indonesian orphanage were randomly chosen in this research. The data were mainly collected through individual semi-structured interviews and FGD sections. All interviews and FGD sections data were recorded, transcribed, analyzed, and divided into several themes. Further, member checking was done to develop the trustworthiness of the research. The research revealed that internal and external factors were positively related to motivation and demotivation in learning English among Indonesian orphan students. Further, suggestions and policy recommendations were all offered to related parties.


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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijere.v11i1.21262


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