The role of parents and communities in promoting entrepreneurial careers for vocational high school students

Agus Timan, Maisyaroh Maisyaroh, Djum Djum Noor Benty, Maulana Amirul Adha, Anabelie Villa Valdez, Bagus Rachmad Saputra


An ironic situation has emerged where vocational school graduates, who are trained to be work-ready, have the highest unemployment rates. This study investigates the role of the community and students’ parents in promoting entrepreneurial careers among vocational school students in Malang, Indonesia. Using a qualitative approach, the research was conducted at three vocational high schools through in-depth interviews, observations, and documentation. Data reliability was ensured through credibility measures such as triangulation, verifying sources, and enhancing reference materials’ consistency and sufficiency. A multi-case design with constant comparative analysis was employed. The findings reveal several key roles of parents and communities in fostering entrepreneurship, namely: i) Entrepreneurship is taught theoretically and practically through business incubation, the Creative Entrepreneurship Program, and managing school business units; ii) Parents support entrepreneurship by purchasing students’ products, stocking the school canteen, collaborating in product sales, and participating in brainstorming sessions; iii) Schools partner with local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and national and international companies to train students; and iv) The community and parents assist in marketing students’ products, and some businesses related to the school’s program serve as practice venues for students. This study contributes theoretically as a reference on the role of parents and the community in encouraging entrepreneurship in vocational schools. Practically, it serves as a guide for school administrators to involve parents and the community in school entrepreneurial activities.


Communities; Entrepreneurial careers; Parents; Students; Vocational high school

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