Preparing Pre-Service Teachers in Learning Management Competency: TPACK Framework Study and Professional Requirement

Piyaphat Nithitakkharanon, Prasart Nuangchalerm


Teaching context in this era is tend to be changed, holistic management and integrated approach are now leading teaching to be instructional leaders. The objectives of this research were to study learning management competency of pre-service teachers and their requirement in TPACK framework. Participants were 385of 5-year teacher students. Data was collected by TPACK and learning management competency questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis were descriptive statistics and interpretive explanation. The findings revealed that pre-service teachers had learning management competency in moderate level. The most things that they had in understanding in learner-centered approach, knowledge and capability in learning design, measurement and evaluation, innovative media use, and technology enhanced for learning management respectively. Methods for enhancing learning management competencies of pre-service teacher of learning management competencies by joining a professional learning community (PLC), workshop, self-study method, and field trip were required. TPACK framework is criticized into teacher development program for enhancing what and how they need to learn for disruptive educational management.


instructional practices; learning management; teacher competency; teacher development; TPACK


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