A systematic review of the relationship between motivational constructs and self-regulated learning

Sook Ling Lim, Kee Jiar Yeo


The aim of this review was to identify the motivational constructs which were mostly associated with self-regulated learning and how these motivational constructs were related to self-regulated learning. There were 20 studies (N=8,759) met inclusion criteria for this review. In overall, the evidence of the included studies showed that motivational constructs such as self-efficacy, intrinsic goal orientation, task value, and control of learning beliefs were positively and significantly related to and in predicting self-regulated learning; test anxiety was negatively and insignificantly related to and in predicting self-regulated learning; inconsistent results were observed for extrinsic goal orientation as it could be positively or negatively related to and in predicting self-regulated learning.


Motivation; Motivational constructs; Self-regulated learning

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijere.v10i1.21006


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