Perspectives on the Challenges of Leadership in Schools to Improve Student Learning Systems

Ali Taufik, Zen Istiarsono


This  study is an analysis of challenges / obstacles of a leader in schools to improve learning systems, researchers try to do an analysis of six aspects of the results of the analysis during the study. The main contribution of this research is related to how to deal with challenges in improving learning systems in schools that have so far faced challenges and obstacles, and these need to be analyzed and their solutions. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method with a case study model, because researchers consider this is a case that must be disclosed and found a solution. Researchers see a gap between quality, performance and leadership in several schools that are the object of research and this research lasted for four months (18 weeks), time is indeed quite short, but researchers try to use this time effectively to produce something useful. In this researchers involved 8 school leaders,  as participants , the results of the application of six aspects of the indicator were able to improve teacher performance and from changes in the learning system as well. can be significantly improved as evidenced by the results of evaluating student learning, this research does indeed need to be deepened comprehensively, so that it can find maximum results


Leadership,Learning , system,Managemen,Student


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