The effects of instructional design based web course on pre-service teachers’ competencies

M. Anas Thohir, Moh Irma Sukarelawan, Jumadi Jumadi, Warsono Warsono, Alfina Citrasukmawati


Web Pedagogical Content Knowledge (WPACK) is an important competence for pre-service teachers in the educational technology course. However, novice pre-service teachers require the preparation stage to integrate the web into instruction. The purpose the study was (a) to develop the new instructional model for pre-service teachers in integrating web and (b) to investigate the effect on pre-service teachers’ competencies compared with the others when applied the model in the course. The PINTARR (Preparation, Isolation, Transformation, Action, Reflection, and Revision) and two other models were implemented in three physics education technology groups with seventy-four participants. The instrument test was constructed to asses the pre-service teachers’ competencies, namely Student analysis, Curriculum organisation, Instructional strategy selection, Evaluation, Technological knowledge, and Physics knowledge. The result of MANOVA showed pre-service teacher in PINTARR group outperformed overall the pre-service teachers’ competencies rather than Multimedia and Web Design Learning group, F (10,132) =13.71, p = .00, h2 = .56. Only on Curriculum organisation, the different of groups was not significantly, F (2,71) = 1.99, p = .14, h2 = .10. The results indicated that the Preparation and the Isolation stage were the most important for novice pre-service teachers in improving the competencies.


Web, pre-service teacher, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, In-structional Design

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