Audio-visual media to improve sexual-reproduction health knowledge among adolescent in Gunungkidul

Sitti Nur Djannah, Sulistyawati Sulistyawati, Tri Wahyuni Sukesi, Surahma Asti Mulasari, Fatwa Tentama


Lacking knowledge among adolescents affect their understanding of some problems related to sexual-reproduction health. Electronic media recognized as the favoured source of information for teenager. This research aimed to assess the effect of audio-visual media to the increasing of sexual-reproduction knowledge. We conducted a before and after without control informal experimental study design into 153 students in the 1st-3rd grade of junior high school grade. The effect of the intervention was assessed through the difference between pre and post-intervention by using Wilcoxon test. The mean score of the respondent pre and post-intervention was significantly increased. The audiovisual increased the knowledge of the teenager regarding sexual-reproduction health


Audio-visual; Adolescent education; Sexual-reproduction health


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